Planning your Dram Home

Your dream home will be where you plan to spend the rest of your life.  After working hard to save money and paying your dues a custom home that will fit your needs is a payback we all deserve.  Making sure that your custom home builders toms river nj will give you exactly what you want will involve detail planning and sacrifice.

The floor plan

The first thing that you want to decide on is the basic floor plan.  This is going to be the footprint that your home will take.  If your floorplan is not designed correctly from the start everything else will fall short. 

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What are your priorities?  Do you want a master bathroom with a walk in closet, claw foot tubs and a pool in the backyard?  Then these are the first things that you need to bring up to your builder.  If you wait to the last minute to bring up your dream priorities then they will be put on the back end or even impossible to incorporate into your design.  So speak up and make sure that these are incorporated and your budget is allocated to them.

Building codes

Before deciding on where you are going to build your dream house you will want to research building codes.  These codes are set by the city to ensure that construction projects fall within a set of specific guidelines.  These guidelines ensure that all the construction follows a specific pattern, no one can do something outrageous and that everything built will be safe.  Don’t plan on living somewhere if your drams can’t come true.

Plan on disappointment

At the end of the day a dream home is just that a dream.  This means that it needs to be brought to life.  In some cases areas need to be sacrificed, scaled back or altered in a way to make them work.  When planning a home don’t think you will get everything the way you want it.  There will be changes.