Managing Your Electricity Consumption For A Green Tomorrow

Electricity is the driving force for our world.  In one way or another electricity plays a huge role in the way that we live our lives.  However, most of us really don’t really think about the power we use or in which way it effects our lives.  This is why conducting Home Energy Audits Queensbury will help tell us where our energy is used and what it is actually costing us.

Get a baseline

A baseline is a starting point for measuring your energy consumption.  To make it simple look at your current electric bill and see what your power usage is.  You will see the wattage used, days in the cycle and your price.  From here you can state your baseline.

Measure usage

Power is being run all the time.  Items like your refrigerator, clocks and Internet modems have power running to them all the time.  What we want to look at is what we use besides these.  Make a list of all the items you have in your house.  This will be like:

Home Energy Audits Queensbury

·    TV Living room

·    TV Bedroom

·    Microwave

·    Washer

·    Dryer

Once you have all of these written down you will put the usage for each item next to them.  So if you watch TV in the living room for 5 hours then print 5 hours.  Repeat this process every time you use something.  Have a small notepad next to each item with a pen to help keep track.

Then at the end of the month add up all of the individual items usage and then get a total number.  Now, compare what you used and what your bill is.  If it is higher, then you can see what you used the most that month and adjust the next month. 

Repeat this process for at least three months.  At the end of each month do a usage comparison and relate it to what you have used in the house.  Eventually you will see where the money is being spent and on what.  With this knowledge you can now adjust your power usage and begin to lower your bills.