Types & Uses for Drywall

Drywall is used in a variety of construction projects. There are several types of drywall available, each designed for its own application and bring pros and cons to the situation. Drywall is affordable, long-lasting, and preferred by many home and business owners and builders alike.

Some of the types of drywall available:

·    Regular Drywall:  Regular drywall is white on one side, brown on the other. It’s the most practical drywall used today. It’s sold in a variety of thicknesses ranging from ⅜” thick to 1″ thick.  It’s the least expensive and most popular drywall used today.

·    Green Drywall: This drywall is moisture-resistant, especially compared to regular drywall.  It’s waterproof and oftentimes used in basements and bathrooms.

·    Blue Drywall: Blue board drywall is usually called plaster board. It is used in veneer plastering projects because it has a high water and mold resistance.  This drywall cannot be painted, tapped, or mudded.

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·    Paperless Drywall: Paperless drywall is replaced regular drywall these days. Covered with fiberglass versus paper, it protects the gypsum board from rot, mold, and mildew damage.  It has many other advantages that aren’t found in other types of drywall, which makes it a good choice for many projects.

·    Purple Drywall: Purple drywall offer the advantages that regular drywall offers, except it is mold and moisture-resistant.  This is the perfect drywall for wall and ceiling applications and in areas where the need for moisture and mold resistance is important.

Final Word

The above types of drywall are the most commonly used in construction projects. If you opt to use drywall in your project, be sure to choose the right type of drywall as well as the best installation expert. You want to avoid the need for drywall repair acworth and this happens only when a great installation expert is there.